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Waltham Forest DJ

Celebrations for Weddings, black-tie events or corporate functions can be grand events but sometimes parties can be on a smaller scale. What ever the occsion its always the music that mattes we are highly experienced in all kinds of and always adapt the music selection to match the audience. Not working from playlists or "DJ Sets" as these used to be refered we change the music depending on real time events. If the crowd has engergy and wants to hit the dance floor we may play up to date club tracks or if they want to go retro we know the best floor fillers from the past. A lot of parties are a combination of the several styles of music from the past to the present and getting the right balence is the art of reading a crowd.

ImageWe have the equipment and experience to make it a fun filled party night to remeber no matter what the event. If you want to make it a special celebration with an upbeat music soundtrack presented by a profesional party DJ that opperates in the waltham forest area contact the most reliable Mobile Disco in the Local area.

We specialise in family functions, School proms, Theme nights and black tie events but over the years have performed fo all ages and can play almost all styles of music. We prefer to stay away from extreemes so if you want a hardcore drum and bass DJ its not us, likewise if its a heavy metal bash we can only cover the comercial hits. That said our music collection is very comprehensive and have all the populer tracks from every decade from the 50s and before right up to todays charts. More than this we have the experience to play the right combination of tunes at the right piont in the evening to build the party atmosphere.

Have you ever been to a party when the DJ never shuts up and keeps cracking terrible jokes and unnesecirly announcing each record like it was a radio broadcast. Well we can do that too. But dont. We use the microphone to make required annoucments, encourge crowd involvement by asking for requests but once the party gets going we let the music do the talking.

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